This Girl Is Different by JJ Johnson

Author: JJ Johnson
Expected publication: April 1st 2011 by Peachtree Publishers
288 pages
Review copy from NetGalley and Publisher
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥

What happens when a girl, home-schooled by her counterculture mother, decides to spend her senior year in public school? First friendship, first love—and first encounters with the complexities of authority and responsibility.

Evie is different. Not just her upbringing-though that's certainly been unusual-but also her mindset. She's smart, independent, confident, opinionated, and ready to take on a new challenge: The Institution of School.

It doesn't take this home-schooled kid long to discover that high school is a whole new world, and not in the way she expected. It's also a social minefield, and Evie finds herself confronting new problems at every turn, failing to follow or even understand the rules, and proposing solutions that aren't welcome or accepted.

Not one to sit idly by, Evie sets out to make changes. Big changes. The movement she starts takes off, but before she realizes what's happening, her plan spirals out of control, forcing her to come to terms with a world she is only just beginning to comprehend.

I just recently registered on NetGalley to discover new releases. This one was the first book I requested. The cover kinda intrigued me so I didn't hesitate to read it.

Evie (that's just her nickname, I actually liked her real name!), as a home-schooled girl is not your typical girl. She's a well-read, intelligent and thoughtful young woman. I think she can explain any quotes you give her. She had these insights that can possibly amaze or frustrate you. When she decided to go back to the real school, she faced realities in life that gave her lessons to learn.

I liked the flow of the story. It's not very often that the main character of a book is home-schooled. When I started reading it, I managed to cope with the story easily. I didn't even notice that I was already half of it. The author's writing style is very clear and simple. I like contemporary novels which you can evenly associate yourself although sometimes, there weren't many exciting parts. A strong and intelligent female character never fails to interest me as it gives me the fuel to read more of the book. That's the personality of Evie and that's what makes her different. My only concern was it has the typical story of stereotypes at school and constant blogging, texting and bitching that reminded me of a famous series and show which I actually liked.

The book has many quotes, actually on every chapter. I, myself was also fond of quotes way back in high school. There are some jolly parts mostly Evie's conversations with her cool mom. It's entertaining sometimes when she swoons over Rajas. It reminded of me those times when you really like that special someone to recognize and appreciate you. It just bothered me when Evie instantly fall for Rajas. I guess that's the usual scene nowadays.

Overall, it was an interesting book. I even learned good stuff from this one and quotes to live by.

♥ xoxo, Edil ♥

This Girl Is Different


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